MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM global model

These pages document the IIASA Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) framework, also referred to as MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM, owing to the fact that the energy model MESSAGEix and the land use model GLOBIOM are its most important components. MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM was developed for the quantification of the so-called Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSPs) which are the first application of the IAM framework.


The documentation in this section was originally available at and maintained in a separate repository at iiasa/message_doc. In the future, it will be maintained in iiasa/message-ix-models and appear at the current URL.

The overall message_ix_models documentation provides technical description of the Python package of the same name, associated data, and their usage for all models in the MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM ‘family’. This section provides a thorough methodological description of the particular, central, global-scope instance of MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM developed by the IIASA ECE Program, from which most other instances derive.

This section is periodically updated and expanded with additional information to describe the current implementation and its changes over time.

When referring to MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM as described in this section, please use the following citations: [1]

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MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM is based on the MESSAGEix model & framework, which provides a flexible, generic abstraction of energy systems optimization models that can be parametrized in many ways. message_ix includes the ‘MACRO’ computable general equilibrium (CGE) for implementing macro-economic feedback. To refer to the generic MESSAGE, MACRO, and combined models—rather than the particular MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM IAM instance or its specific applications for various publications and assessments—please follow the “User guidelines and notice” section of the message_ix documentation.

We thank Edward Byers, Jessica Jewell, Ruslana Palatnik, Narasimha D. Rao, and Fabio Sferra for their valuable comments that helped improving the text.