Global Energy Assessment (

Handle data from the Global Energy Assessment (GEA).

Although free of charge, the GEA data can not be downloaded automatically. This source requires that users first submit personal information to register before being able to retrieve the data. message_ix_models does not circumvent this requirement. Thus:

  • A copy of the data are stored in message_data.

  • message_ix_models contains only a ‘fuzzed’ version of the data (same structure, random values) for testing purposes.

class, source_kw)[source]

Provider of exogenous data from the GEA data source.

To use data from this source, call exo_data.prepare_computer() with the arguments:

aggregate: bool = False

By default, do not aggregate.

id: str = 'GEA'

Identifier for this particular source.

interpolate: bool = False

By default, do not interpolate.

transform(c: Computer, base_key: Key) Key[source]

Prepare c to transform raw data from base_key.

Compared to ExoDataSource.transform(), this version:

  • Does not perform interpolation. Set[Tuple[str, str]][source]

Return a set of valid GEA (model name, scenario name) combinations.

These are read from data/gea/model-scenario.json.