Source code for message_ix_models.util.pycountry

from functools import lru_cache
from typing import Optional

from pycountry import countries, historic_countries

#: Mapping from common, non-standard country names to ISO 3166-1 names.
    "Korea": "Korea, Republic of",
    "Republic of Korea": "Korea, Republic of",
    "South Korea": "Korea, Republic of",
    "Russia": "Russian Federation",

[docs]@lru_cache(maxsize=2**9) def iso_3166_alpha_3(name: str) -> Optional[str]: """Return an ISO 3166 alpha-3 code for a country `name`. Parameters ---------- name : str Country name. This is looked up in the `pycountry <>`_ 'name', 'official_name', or 'common_name' field. Values in :data:`COUNTRY_NAME` are supported. Returns ------- str or None """ # Maybe map a known, non-standard value to a standard value name = COUNTRY_NAME.get(name, name) # Use pycountry's built-in, case-insensitive lookup on all fields including name, # official_name, and common_name for db in (countries, historic_countries): try: return db.lookup(name).alpha_3 except LookupError: continue # Not found in `db`, e.g. countries; try again return None