Source code for message_ix_models.tests.util.test_sdmx

import logging
import re

import pytest
from sdmx.model.v21 import Annotation, Code

from message_ix_models.util.sdmx import eval_anno, make_enum, read

[docs]def test_eval_anno(caplog): c = Code() assert None is eval_anno(c, "foo") c.annotations.append(Annotation(id="foo", text="bar baz")) with caplog.at_level(logging.DEBUG, logger="message_ix_models"): assert "bar baz" == eval_anno(c, "foo") assert re.fullmatch( r"Could not eval\('bar baz'\): .* \(<string>, line 1\)", caplog.messages[0] ) c.annotations.append(Annotation(id="qux", text="3 + 4")) assert 7 == eval_anno(c, id="qux")
[docs]def test_make_enum(): """:func:`.make_enum` works with :class:`~enum.Flag` and subclasses.""" from enum import Flag, IntFlag E = make_enum("ICONICS:SSP(2017)", base=Flag) # Values are bitwise flags assert not isinstance(E["1"], int) # Expected length assert 2 ** (len(E) - 1) == list(E)[-1].value # Flags can be combined flags = E["1"] | E["2"] assert E["1"] & flags assert E["2"] & flags assert not (E["3"] & flags) # Similar, with IntFlag E = make_enum("IIASA_ECE:AGENCIES(0.1)", base=IntFlag) # Values are ints assert isinstance(E["IIASA_ECE"], int) # Expected length assert 2 ** (len(E) - 1) == list(E)[-1].value
[docs]@pytest.mark.parametrize( "urn, expected", ( ("ICONICS:SSP(2017)", "Codelist=ICONICS:SSP(2017)"), ("ICONICS:SSP(2024)", "Codelist=ICONICS:SSP(2024)"), ("SSP(2017)", "Codelist=ICONICS:SSP(2017)"), ("SSP(2024)", "Codelist=ICONICS:SSP(2024)"), ("SSP", "Codelist=ICONICS:SSP(2017)"), ("AGENCIES", "AgencyScheme=IIASA_ECE:AGENCIES(0.1)"), ), ) def test_read0(urn, expected): obj = read(urn) assert expected in obj.urn
[docs]def test_read1(): SSPS = read("ssp") # Identify an SSP by matching strings in its name code0 = next(filter(lambda c: "2" in repr(c), iter(SSPS))) code1 = next(filter(lambda c: "SSP2" in repr(c), iter(SSPS))) code2 = next(filter(lambda c: "middle of the road" in repr(c).lower(), iter(SSPS))) assert code0 is code1 is code2 with pytest.raises(FileNotFoundError): read("foo")