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from import LOCATION, NAME
from import describe
from message_ix_models.util import MESSAGE_MODELS_PATH, package_data_path

[docs]def test_describe(test_context): import zipfile import pandas as pd path = package_data_path("test", *LOCATION) with zipfile.ZipFile(path) as zf: data = pd.read_csv(, engine="pyarrow").rename( columns=lambda c: c.upper() ) sm = describe( data, f"ADVANCE data in {path.relative_to(MESSAGE_MODELS_PATH.parent)}" ) # Message contains the expected code lists. # Code lists have the expected lengths. for id, N in ( ("MODEL", 12), ("SCENARIO", 51), ("REGION", 14), ("VARIABLE", 3080), ("UNIT", 29), ): assert N == len(sm.codelist[id])
# from message_ix_models.util.sdmx import write # write(sm, basename="ADVANCE")