Source code for message_ix_models.tests.test_cli

"""Basic tests of the command line."""
import ixmp
import pytest
from message_ix.testing import make_dantzig

from message_ix_models import util

    ("ssp", "gen-structures"),

def _cli_help_id(argvalue):
    return f"mix-models {' '.join(argvalue)} --help"

[docs]@pytest.mark.parametrize("command", COMMANDS, ids=_cli_help_id) def test_cli_help(mix_models_cli, command): """--help works for every CLI command.""" mix_models_cli.assert_exit_0(list(command) + ["--help"])
[docs]def test_cli_debug(mix_models_cli): """The 'debug' CLI command can be invoked.""" mix_models_cli.assert_exit_0(["debug"])
[docs]def test_cli_export_test_data(monkeypatch, tmp_path, test_context, mix_models_cli): """The :command:`export-test-data` command can be invoked.""" # Create an empty scenario in the temporary local file database platform = "local" mp = ixmp.Platform(platform) scen = make_dantzig(mp) # URL url = f"ixmp://{platform}/{scen.model}/{scen.scenario}#{scen.version}" # Monkeypatch MESSAGE_DATA_PATH in case tests are being performed on a system # without message_data installed monkeypatch.setattr(util.common, "MESSAGE_DATA_PATH", tmp_path) tmp_path.joinpath("data", "tests").mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True) # File that will be created technology = ["coal_ppl"] dest_file = util.private_data_path( "tests", f"{scen.model}_{scen.scenario}_{'_'.join(technology)}.xlsx" ) # Release the database lock mp.close_db() # Export works result = mix_models_cli.assert_exit_0([f"--url={url}", "export-test-data"]) # The file is created in the expected location assert str(dest_file) in result.output assert dest_file.exists()