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import logging

from genno import Computer
from ixmp.testing import assert_logs

from message_ix_models import ScenarioInfo
from message_ix_models.model.structure import get_codes
from import prepare_reporter
from import (
from import to_simulate

from ..test_report import ss_reporter

[docs]@to_simulate.minimum_version def test_compat(tmp_path, test_context): import numpy.testing as npt rep = ss_reporter() prepare_reporter(test_context, reporter=rep) rep.add("scenario", ScenarioInfo(model="Model name", scenario="Scenario name")) # Tasks can be added to the reporter callback(rep, test_context) # Select a key key = ( "transport emissions full::iamc" # IAMC structure # "Transport" # Top level # "Hydrogen_trp" # Second level # "inp_nonccs_gas_tecs_wo_CCSRETRO" # Third level # "_26" # Fourth level ) # commented: Show what would be done # print(rep.describe(key)) # rep.visualize(tmp_path.joinpath("visualize.svg"), key) # Calculation runs result = rep.get(key) # print(result.to_string()) # For intermediate results df = result.as_pandas() # For pyam.IamDataFrame, which doesn't have .to_string() # commented: Display or save output # print(df.to_string()) # df.to_csv(tmp_path.joinpath("transport-emissions-full.csv"), index=False) # Check a specific value # TODO Expand set of expected values npt.assert_allclose( df.query("region == 'R11_AFR' and year == 2020")["value"].item(), 54.0532 )
[docs]def test_prepare_techs(test_context): from message_ix_models.model.bare import get_spec # Retrieve a spec with the default set of technologies spec = get_spec(test_context) technologies = spec.add.set["technology"] c = Computer() prepare_techs(c, technologies) # Expected sets of technologies based on the default technology.yaml assert { "gas all": [ "gas_cc", "gas_ct", "gas_fs", "gas_hpl", "gas_htfc", "gas_i", "gas_ppl", "gas_rc", "gas_t_d", "gas_t_d_ch4", "gas_trp", "hp_gas_i", "hp_gas_rc", ], "gas extra": [], # Residential and commercial "rc gas": ["gas_rc", "hp_gas_rc"], # Transport "trp coal": ["coal_trp"], "trp foil": ["foil_trp"], "trp gas": ["gas_trp"], "trp loil": ["loil_trp"], "trp meth": ["meth_fc_trp", "meth_ic_trp"], } == {k: get_techs(c, k) for k in TECH_FILTERS}
[docs]def test_prepare_techs_filter_error(caplog, monkeypatch): """:func:`.prepare_techs` logs warnings for invalid filters.""" monkeypatch.setitem(TECH_FILTERS, "foo", "not a filter") with assert_logs(caplog, "SyntaxError('invalid syntax", at_level=logging.WARNING): prepare_techs(Computer(), get_codes("technology"))