Source code for message_ix_models.tests.model.test_build

import logging

import pytest
from ixmp.testing import assert_logs
from message_ix import make_df
from message_ix.testing import make_dantzig

from message_ix_models import ScenarioInfo
from import apply_spec

[docs]@pytest.fixture def scenario(test_context): mp = test_context.get_platform() yield make_dantzig(mp)
[docs]@pytest.fixture(scope="function") def spec(): yield dict(add=ScenarioInfo(), require=ScenarioInfo(), remove=ScenarioInfo())
[docs]def test_apply_spec0(caplog, scenario, spec): """Require missing element raises ValueError.""" spec["require"].set["node"].append("vienna") with pytest.raises(ValueError): apply_spec(scenario, spec) assert ( "", logging.ERROR, " 1 elements not found: ['vienna']", ) in caplog.record_tuples
[docs]def test_apply_spec1(caplog, scenario, spec): """Add data using the data= argument.""" def add_data_func(scenario, dry_run): return dict( demand=make_df( "demand", commodity="cases", level="consumption", node="chicago", time="year", unit="case", value=301.0, year=1963, ) ) apply_spec(scenario, spec, data=add_data_func, dry_run=True) # Messages are logged about additions assert_logs(caplog, "1 rows in 'demand'") # …but no change because `dry_run` assert not any(301.0 == scenario.par("demand")["value"]) caplog.clear() apply_spec(scenario, spec, data=add_data_func) # Messages are logged about additions assert_logs(caplog, "1 rows in 'demand'") # Value was actually changed assert 1 == sum(301.0 == scenario.par("demand")["value"])
[docs]def test_apply_spec2(caplog, scenario, spec): """Remove an element, with fast=True.""" spec["remove"].set["node"] = ["new-york", "not-a-node"] apply_spec(scenario, spec, fast=True) # Messages are logged about removals assert_logs( caplog, ( "Remove 'new-york' from set 'node'", "Remove 'not-a-node' from set 'node'", " …not found", ), )
[docs]def test_apply_spec3(caplog, scenario, spec): """Actually remove data.""" spec["remove"].set["node"] = ["new-york"] apply_spec(scenario, spec) # Messages are logged about removals assert_logs( caplog, ( "Remove data with node='new-york'", " 1 rows in 'demand'", " 2 rows in 'output'", " 3 rows total", ), )