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import logging
from typing import Dict, Iterable, Optional, Union

import pandas as pd
from dask.core import quote
from genno import Key, Quantity
from genno.compat.pyam.util import collapse as genno_collapse
from genno.core.key import single_key
from iam_units import registry
from message_ix import Reporter
from sdmx.model.v21 import Code

from message_ix_models.util import eval_anno

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

#: Replacements used in :meth:`collapse`.
#: These are applied using :meth:`pandas.DataFrame.replace` with ``regex=True``; see the
#: documentation of that method.
#: - Applied to whole strings along each dimension.
#: - These columns have :meth:`str.title` applied before these replacements.
REPLACE_DIMS: Dict[str, Dict[str, str]] = {
    "c": {
        # in land_out, for CH4 emissions from GLOBIOM
        "Agri_Ch4": "GLOBIOM|Emissions|CH4 Emissions Total",
    "l": {
        # FIXME this is probably not generally applicable and should be removed
        "Final Energy": "Final Energy|Residential",
    "t": dict(),

#: Replacements used in :meth:`collapse` after the 'variable' column is assembled.
#: These are applied using :meth:`pandas.DataFrame.replace` with ``regex=True``; see
#: the documentation of that method. For documentation of regular expressions, see
#: and
#: .. todo:: These may be particular or idiosyncratic to a single "template". The
#:    strings used to collapse multiple conceptual dimensions into the IAMC "variable"
#:    column are known to vary in poorly-documented ways across these templates.
#:    This setting is currently applied universally. To improve, specify a different
#:    mapping with the replacements needed for each individual template, and load the
#:    correct one when reporting scenarios to that template.
    # Secondary energy: remove duplicate "Solids"
    r"(Secondary Energy\|Solids)\|Solids": r"\1",
    # CH4 emissions from MESSAGE technologies
    r"(Emissions\|CH4)\|Fugitive": r"\1|Energy|Supply|Fugitive",
    # CH4 emissions from GLOBIOM
    r"(Emissions\|CH4)\|((Gases|Liquids|Solids|Elec|Heat)(.*))": (
    r"^(land_out CH4.*\|)Awm": r"\1Manure Management",
    r"^land_out CH4\|Emissions\|Ch4\|Land Use\|Agriculture\|": (
    # Strip internal prefix
    r"^land_out CH4\|": "",
    # Prices
    r"Residential\|(Biomass|Coal)": r"Residential|Solids|\1",
    r"Residential\|Gas": "Residential|Gases|Natural Gas",
    r"Import Energy\|Lng": "Primary Energy|Gas",
    r"Import Energy\|Coal": "Primary Energy|Coal",
    r"Import Energy\|Oil": "Primary Energy|Oil",
    r"Import Energy\|(Liquids\|(Biomass|Oil))": r"Secondary Energy|\1",
    r"Import Energy\|Lh2": "Secondary Energy|Hydrogen",

[docs]def as_quantity(info: Union[dict, float, str]) -> Quantity: """Convert values from a :class:`dict` to Quantity. .. todo:: move upstream, to :mod:`genno`. """ if isinstance(info, str): q = registry.Quantity(info) return Quantity(q.magnitude, units=q.units) elif isinstance(info, float): return Quantity(info) elif isinstance(info, dict): data = info.copy() dim = data.pop("_dim") unit = data.pop("_unit") return Quantity(pd.Series(data).rename_axis(dim), units=unit) else: raise TypeError(type(info))
[docs]def collapse(df: pd.DataFrame, var=[]) -> pd.DataFrame: """Callback for the `collapse` argument to :meth:`~.Reporter.convert_pyam`. Replacements from :data:`REPLACE_DIMS` and :data:`REPLACE_VARS` are applied. The dimensions listed in the `var` arguments are automatically dropped from the returned :class:`pyam.IamDataFrame`. If ``var[0]`` contains the word "emissions", then :meth:`collapse_gwp_info` is invoked. Adapted from :func:`genno.compat.pyam.collapse`. Parameters ---------- var : list of str, *optional* Strings or dimensions to concatenate to the 'Variable' column. The first of these is usually a string value used to populate the column. These are joined using the pipe ('|') character. See also -------- REPLACE_DIMS REPLACE_VARS collapse_gwp_info test_collapse """ # Convert some dimension labels to title-case strings for dim in filter(lambda d: d in df.columns, "clt"): df[dim] = df[dim].astype(str).str.title() if "l" in df.columns: # Level: to title case, add the word 'energy' df["l"] = df["l"] + " Energy" if len(var) and "emissions" in var[0].lower():"Collapse GWP info for {var[0]}") df, var = collapse_gwp_info(df, var) # - Apply replacements to individual dimensions. # - Use the genno built-in to assemble the variable column. # - Apply replacements to assembled columns. return ( df.replace(REPLACE_DIMS, regex=True) .pipe(genno_collapse, columns=dict(variable=var)) .replace(dict(variable=REPLACE_VARS), regex=True) )
[docs]def collapse_gwp_info(df, var): """:meth:`collapse` helper for emissions data with GWP dimensions. The dimensions 'e equivalent', and 'gwp metric' dimensions are combined with the 'e' dimension, using a format like:: '{e} ({e equivalent}-equivalent, {GWP metric} metric)' For example:: 'SF6 (CO2-equivalent, AR5 metric)' """ # Check that *df* contains the necessary columns cols = ["e equivalent", "gwp metric"] missing = set(["e"] + cols) - set(df.columns) if len(missing): log.warning(f"…skip; {missing} not in columns {list(df.columns)}") return df, var # Format the column with original emissions species df["e"] = ( df["e"] + " (" + df["e equivalent"] + "-equivalent, " + df["gwp metric"] + " metric)" ) # Remove columns from further processing [var.remove(c) for c in cols] return df.drop(cols, axis=1), var
[docs]def copy_ts(rep: Reporter, other: str, filters: Optional[dict]) -> Key: """Prepare `rep` to copy time series data from `other` to `scenario`. Parameters ---------- other_url : str URL of the other scenario from which to copy time series data. filters : dict, *optional* Filters; passed via :func:`.store_ts` to :meth:`ixmp.TimeSeries.timeseries`. Returns ------- str Key for the copy operation. """ # A unique ID for this copy operation, to avoid collision if copy_ts() used multiple # times _id = f"{hash(other + repr(filters)):x}" k1 = rep.add("from_url", f"scenario {_id}", quote(other)) k2 = rep.add("get_ts", f"ts data {_id}", k1, filters) return single_key(rep.add("store_ts", f"copy ts {_id}", "scenario", k2))
[docs]def add_replacements(dim: str, codes: Iterable[Code]) -> None: """Update :data:`REPLACE_DIMS` for dimension `dim` with values from `codes`.""" for code in codes: label = eval_anno(code, "report") if label is not None: REPLACE_DIMS[dim][f"{}$"] = label