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import logging
from dataclasses import InitVar, dataclass, field
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Dict, Optional, Union

from message_ix_models.util import local_data_path, package_data_path
from message_ix_models.util.config import ConfigHelper

    from genno.core.key import KeyLike

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@dataclass class Config(ConfigHelper): """Settings for :mod:``. When initializing a new instance, the `from_file` and `_legacy` parameters are respected. """ #: Shorthand to call :func:`use_file` on a new instance. from_file: InitVar[Optional[Path]] = package_data_path("report", "global.yaml") #: Shorthand to set :py:`legacy["use"]` on a new instance. _legacy: InitVar[Optional[bool]] = False #: Path to write reporting outputs when invoked from the command line. cli_output: Optional[Path] = None #: Configuration to be handled by :mod:`genno.config`. genno_config: Dict = field(default_factory=dict) #: Key for the Quantity or computation to report. key: Optional["KeyLike"] = None #: Directory for output. output_dir: Optional[Path] = field( default_factory=lambda: local_data_path("report") ) #: :data:`True` to use an output directory based on the scenario's model name and #: name. use_scenario_path: bool = True #: Keyword arguments for the ‘legacy’ reporting entry point #: (:func:``), plus #: the special key "use", which should be :data:`True` if legacy reporting is to #: be used. legacy: Dict = field(default_factory=lambda: dict(use=False, merge_hist=True)) def __post_init__(self, from_file, _legacy) -> None: self.use_file(from_file) self.legacy.update(use=_legacy)
[docs] def set_output_dir(self, arg: Optional[Path]) -> None: """Set :attr:`output_dir`, the output directory. The value is also stored to be passed to :mod:`genno` as the "output_dir" configuration key. """ if arg: self.output_dir = arg.expanduser() self.genno_config["output_dir"] = self.output_dir
[docs] def use_file(self, file_path: Union[str, Path, None]) -> None: """Use genno configuration from a (YAML) file at `file_path`. See :mod:`genno.config` for the format of these files. The path is stored at :py:`.genno_config["path"]`, where it is picked up by genno's configuration mechanism. Parameters ---------- file_path : PathLike, *optional* This may be: 1. The complete path to any existing file. 2. A stem like "global" or "other". This is interpreted as referring to a file named, for instance, :file:`global.yaml`. 3. A partial path like "project/report.yaml". This or (2) is interpreted as referring to a file within :file:`MESSAGE_MODELS_PATH/data/report/`; that is, a file packaged and distributed with :mod:`message_ix_models`. """ if file_path is None: return try: path = next( filter( Path.exists, ( Path(file_path), # Path doesn't exist; treat it as a stem in the metadata dir package_data_path("report", file_path).with_suffix(".yaml"), ), ) ) except StopIteration: raise FileNotFoundError(f"Reporting configuration in '{file_path}(.yaml)'") # Store for genno to handle self.genno_config["path"] = path
[docs] def mkdir(self) -> None: """Ensure the :attr:`output_dir` exists.""" if self.output_dir: self.output_dir.mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True)