Source code for message_ix_models.project.ssp

import logging
import re
from typing import Union

import click

from import common_params

from .structure import SSP, SSP_2017, SSP_2024, generate

__all__ = [

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def parse(value: Union[str, SSP_2017, SSP_2024]) -> Union[SSP_2017, SSP_2024]: """Parse `value` to a member of :data:`SSP_2017` or :data:`SSP_2024`.""" if isinstance(value, (SSP_2017, SSP_2024)): return value log.debug(f"Assume {value!r} is from {SSP_2017}") if isinstance(value, str): return SSP_2017[re.sub("SSP([12345])", r"\1", value)] else: return SSP_2017(value)
[docs]class ssp_field: """SSP field for use in data classes.""" def __init__(self, default: Union[SSP_2017, SSP_2024]): self._default = default def __set_name__(self, owner, name): self._name = "_" + name def __get__(self, obj, type) -> Union[SSP_2017, SSP_2024]: if obj is None: return None # type: ignore [return-value] try: return obj.__dict__[self._name] except KeyError: return obj.__dict__.setdefault(self._name, self._default) def __set__(self, obj, value): if value is None: value = self._default setattr(obj, self._name, parse(value))"ssp") def cli(): """Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSP) project.""" @cli.command("gen-structures") @common_params("dry_run") @click.pass_obj def gen_structures(context, **kwargs): """(Re)Generate the SSP data structures in SDMX.""" generate(context)