Source code for message_ix_models.model.bare

import logging
from copy import copy
from functools import partial
from urllib.parse import urlunsplit

import message_ix
from sdmx.model.v21 import Code

import message_ix_models
from message_ix_models import ScenarioInfo, Spec

from .build import apply_spec
from .config import Config
from .data import get_data
from .structure import codelists, get_codes

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def _default_first(kind, default):
    return [default] + list(filter(lambda id: id != default, codelists(kind)))

#: Deprecated; use :class:`.model.Config` instead.
SETTINGS = dict(
    # Place the default value first
    regions=_default_first("node", "R14"),
    years=_default_first("year", "B"),
    res_with_dummies=[False, True],

[docs]def create_res(context, quiet=True): """Create a 'bare' MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM reference energy system (RES). Parameters ---------- context : .Context :attr:`.model.Config.scenario_info` determines the model name and scenario name of the created Scenario. If not provided, the defaults are: - Model name generated by :func:`name`. - Scenario name "baseline". quiet : bool, optional Passed to `quiet` argument of :func:`.build.apply_spec`. Returns ------- message_ix.Scenario A scenario as described by :func:`.bare.get_spec`, prepared using :func:`.apply_spec`. """ mp = context.get_platform() # Retrieve the spec; this also sets defaults expected by name() spec = get_spec(context) # Model and scenario name for the RES args = dict( mp=mp, model=context.scenario_info.get("model", name(context)), scenario=context.scenario_info.get("scenario", "baseline"), version="new", ) # TODO move this to ixmp as a method similar to ixmp.util.parse_url() url = urlunsplit( ("ixmp",, args["model"] + "/" + args["scenario"], "", args["version"]) )"Create {repr(url)}") # Create the Scenario scenario = message_ix.Scenario(**args) # TODO move to message_ix scenario.init_par("MERtoPPP", ["node", "year"]) # Apply the spec apply_spec( scenario, spec, data=partial(get_data, context=context, spec=spec), quiet=quiet, message=f"Create using message-ix-models {message_ix_models.__version__}", ) return scenario
[docs]def get_spec(context) -> Spec: """Return the spec for the MESSAGE-GLOBIOM global model RES. If :attr:`.Config.res_with_dummies` is set, additional elements are added: - ``commodity``: "dummy" - ``technology``: "dummy", "dummy supply" These **may** be used for testing purposes, but **should not** be used in production models. Returns ------- :class:`dict` of :class:`.ScenarioInfo` objects """ context.setdefault("model", Config()) add = ScenarioInfo() # Add technologies add.set["technology"] = copy(get_codes("technology")) # Add regions # Load configuration for the specified region mapping nodes = get_codes(f"node/{context.model.regions}") # Top-level "World" node world = nodes[nodes.index("World")] # Set elements: World, followed by the direct children of World add.set["node"] = [world] + world.child # Add relations add.set["relation"] = get_codes(f"relation/{context.model.relations}") # Initialize time periods add.year_from_codes(get_codes(f"year/{context.model.years}")) # Add levels add.set["level"] = get_codes("level") # Add commodities add.set["commodity"] = get_codes("commodity") # Add units, associated with commodities units = set( commodity.eval_annotation(id="unit") for commodity in add.set["commodity"] ) # Deduplicate by converting to a set and then back; not strictly necessary, # but reduces duplicate log entries add.set["unit"] = sorted(filter(None, units)) if context.model.res_with_dummies: # Add dummy technologies add.set["technology"].extend([Code(id="dummy"), Code(id="dummy source")]) # Add a dummy commodity add.set["commodity"].append(Code(id="dummy")) # The RES is the base, so does not require or remove any elements return Spec(add=add)
[docs]def name(context): """Generate a candidate name for a model given `context`. The name has a form like:: MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM R99 YA +D where: - "R99" is the node list/regional aggregation. - "YA" indicates the year codelist (:doc:`/pkg-data/year`). - "+D" appears if :attr:`.Config.res_with_dummies` is true. """ cfg = context.model return f"MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM {cfg.regions} Y{cfg.years}" + ( " +D" if cfg.res_with_dummies else "" )