Version numbers

message_ix_models uses date-based version numbers like Y.M.D. Thus version 2021.2.23 is released on 23 February 2021. This is to establish a more direct correspondence between outputs of the code and the version(s) used to produce it.


Before releasing, check:

Address any failures before releasing.

  1. Edit doc/whatsnew.rst. Comment the heading “Next release”, then insert another heading below it, at the same level, with the version number and date. Make a commit with a message like “Mark vX.Y.Z in doc/whatsnew”.

  2. Tag the release candidate version, i.e. with a rcN suffix, and push:

    $ git tag v1.2.3rc1
    $ git push --tags origin main
  3. Check:

    Address any warnings or errors that appear. If needed, make a new commit and go back to step (2), incrementing the rc number.

  4. (optional) Tag the release itself and push:

    $ git tag v1.2.3
    $ git push --tags origin main

    This step (but not step (2)) can also be performed directly on GitHub; see (5), next.

  5. Visit and mark the new release: either using the pushed tag from (4), or by creating the tag and release simultaneously.

  6. Check at and that the distributions are published.