User guidelines and notice

The user guidelines and notice for MESSAGEix also apply to ixmp in their entirety. We ask that you read the notice and take the actions whenever you:

  • use the ix modeling platform, or any model(s) you have built using this tool

  • to produce any scientific publication, technical report, website, or other publicly-available material.

The guidelines include the optional step to cite the code via Zenodo (in addition to the required step to cite the peer-reviewed publication). You must decide which records to cite:

  • If you are using both message_ix and ixmp, then cite the MESSAGEix records.

  • If you are using only ixmp without message_ix, then cite the ixmp records. ixmp has its own Zenodo records that are distinct from message_ix:

    • The DOI 10.5281/zenodo.4005665 represents all versions of the ixmp code, and will always resolve to the latest version.

    • At that page, you can also choose a different DOI in order to cite one specific version; for instance, 10.5281/zenodo.4005666 to cite v3.1.0.