Usage in R via reticulate

ixmp is fully usable in R via reticulate, a package that allows nearly seamless access to the Python API. No additional R packages are needed.


The former rixmp package was removed in ixmp v3.3.0 (2021-05-28).

See Install R and reticulate for installing R and reticulate to use with ixmp. Those instructions are suitable whether message_ix is also installed, or only ixmp.

Once installed, use reticulate to import the Python package:

ixmp <- import("ixmp")

This creates a global variable, ixmp, that can be used much like the Python module:

mp <- ixmp$Platform(name = 'default')
scen <- ixmp$Scenario(mp, 'model name', 'scenario name', version = 'new')

Finally, see the R versions of the Tutorials.