Tools for MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM models

message_ix_models provides tools for research using the MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM family of models developed by the IIASA Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE) Program and its collaborators. This ‘family’ includes single-country and other models derived from the main, global model; all built in the MESSAGEix framework and on the ix modeling platform (ixmp).

Among other tasks, the tools allow modelers to:

  • retrieve input data from various upstream sources,

  • process/transform upstream data into model input parameters,

  • create, populate, modify, and parametrize scenarios,

  • conduct model runs,

  • set up model variants with additional details or features, and

  • report quantities computed from model outputs.

API reference

Commonly used classes may be imported directly from message_ix_models.

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