The ix modeling platform


Key features of the ix modeling platform [2]

The ix modeling platform (ixmp) is a data warehouse for high-powered numerical scenario analysis. It is designed to provide an effective framework for integrated and cross-cutting analysis (hence the abbreviation ix).

The platform allows an efficient workflow between original input data sources and implementations of mathematical models, via application programming interfaces (API) with the scientific programming languages Python and R. The platform also includes an API with the mathematical programming software GAMS.

For the scientific reference, see Huppmann et al. (2019) [2].


Components and their interlinkages in the ix modeling platform (source [2]): web-based user interface, scientific programming interface, modeling platform, database backend, implementation of the MESSAGEix mathematical model formulation

Getting started

Scientific programming API

The ixmp has application programming interfaces (API) for efficient scientific workflows and data processing.

Help & reference

See the index page of the MESSAGEix documentation for a complete overview of different sources of help.

License & user guidelines

The ix modeling platform is licensed under an APACHE 2.0 open-source license.

Please see the User guidelines and notice for using the platform in scientific research. Contributions to the platform itself are also welcome; new contributors are asked to sign a Contributor License Agreement.