R (rixmp package)

An R interface to the ixmp is provided by the rixmp package. rixmp uses the reticulate R-to-Python adapter to provide access to all features of the ixmp Python package

# Load the rixmp package
ixmp <- import('ixmp')

# An 'ixmp' object is added to the global namespace.
# It can be used in the same way as the Python ixmp package.
mp <- ixmp$Platform(dbtype = 'HSQLDB')
scen <- ixmp$Scenario(mp, 'model name', 'scenario name', version = 'new')

# etc.

One additional method, adapt_to_ret() is provided. Access its documentation with


This function is useful when adding data.frames objects to a Scenario:

i.set = c("seattle", "san-diego")
scen$add_set("i", i.set)
# load dataframes
scen$init_par("a", c("i"))
a.df = data.frame(i = i.set, value = c(350, 600) , unit = 'cases')
scen$add_par("a", adapt_to_ret(a.df))