This page is generated from inline documentation in MESSAGE_run.gms.

Run script for MESSAGEix (stand-alone)

This is MESSAGEix version 2.0.0. The version number must match the version number of the ixmp MESSAGE-scheme specifications used for exporting data and importing results.

This file contains the workflow of a MESSAGEix-standalone run. It can be called:
  • Via the scientific programming API’s using the packages/libraries ixmp and message_ix, calling the method solve() of the message_ix.Scenario class (see the tutorials).

  • using the file MESSAGE_master.gms with the option $SETGLOBAL macromode "none", where the input data file name and other options are stated explicitly, or

  • directly from the command line, with the input data file name and other options specific as command line parameters, e.g.

    gams MESSAGE_run.gms --in="<data-file>" [--out="<output-file>"]

By default, the data file (in gdx format) should be located in the model/data folder and be named in the format MsgData_<name>.gdx. Upon completion of the GAMS execution, a results file <output-file> will be written (or model\output\MsgOutput.gdx if --out is not provided).